3 reasons to choose Katalysis for your Concrete5 project...

Concrete5 website designer and developer Save 50% on migration and setup

Experience to count on

Why choose Katalysis

Katalysis was the UK's first Concrete5 Services and Hosting Partner in 2008 and we have been designing, developing and hosting Concrete5 websites ever since.

Why choose Concrete5

The Concrete5 content management system is simple and powerful, makes it easy to manage your website and provides a firm base for ongoing development.

Talk to us about your Concrete5 website design and development requirements.

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Concrete 5 services

Great looking, hard working websites

We design and build great looking web sites on Concrete 5. We'll consider your needs carefully, help you clarify your objectives and build a website that will meet them.

Bespoke Development

We develop custom Concrete5 packages and blocks to meet particular requirements. Examples include complex data validation and submission, error code lookup systems, property search and mapping systems and more.

Ongoing Support

We provide managed website hosting and email services, updating Concrete 5 as necessary and providing ongoing support.

Concrete5 projects in our Blogfolio

Ongoing UK based hosting and support

Concrete5 Optimised UK Hosting

Our managed Concrete 5 hosting service ensures your site is available and performing at the highest level. We will work with you going forward to ensure your website continues to work hard for your business or organisation.

Long-term relationships

We build long-term relationships with our clients and provide ongoing UK based Concrete5 hosting and support services.

Migration and updates

We have experience migrating existing Concrete5 websites and updating Concrete5 from previous to the most recent version.

More about Concrete5 hosting...
Concrete5 Server Concrete5 Server Concrete5 Server

Our servers are optimised for Concrete5 and supported by Concrete5 experts.

Tell us about your website aspirations...

Tell us a little about your website plans and we'll send you a guide price.

Save 50% on migration and setup

*Move your existing Concrete5 website to Katalysis before 30th September 2017 to SAVE 50% on migration and setup charges.

Or, call us on 01582 715130. We're always happy to chat.


01582 715130 mail@katalysis.net

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